Canadian Covid Society

Hey all! It’s time for an update on all the goings on at the Canadian Covid Society! Since our launch in March, we’ve been creating the structures that we need to become a more powerful voice creating good change for all Canadians. 

Our biggest step has been hiring a coordinator on a contract basis. Nancy Delagrave, one of our founders, has stepped down from the board in order to take on this important role.

In her place, Dr. Marie-Michelle Bellon has stepped in. She is an outstanding advocate on covid precautions and a welcome addition to the board. And continues our commitment to have francophone voices at the table, always. 

We’re received over 400 emails of support, many wishing to volunteer. As amazing as that is, it is taking some time to organise committees within which we can use your powerful voices and ideas. Patience! We’re getting there. 

We want to prioritise three areas in the short to medium term. Supporting longCovid patients, improving clean air in schools, and reinstitution of airborne protections in Health Care. All  achievable, all important. 

We’ve also received enough donations to support our coordinator through three months of work. As stupendous as that is, we will need further contributions if the Canadian Covid Society is going to be a sustainable, influential addition to the conversation. If you can, please consider donating.